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Mom's New Toy

A college student will be fired if he doesn't sell something to the next customer to walk into the adult sex store. His mother walks in. Script Excerpt


The Tattoo

A cute woman goes at it hot and heavy with a good looking guy in front of a tattoo parlor window. Unfortunately, her boyfriend inside the parlor just got her name and a heart tattooed on his chest. Script Excerpt



A mentally unstable ex-con works with a private eye to find out who really killed his childhood friend. Unfortunately, the evidence goes into dark forces neither one is ready to deal with. Script Excerpt


The Merging

An ancient alien device is brought on board an earth space ship and goes on a killing spree. When it lands on earth, all life is dinner. Script Excerpt


Vacation Burnout

So a soon to expire lottery ticket wadded up in your wallet has the winning number worth a billion dollars and you have 12 hours before the deadline to cash it in. No problem except that you're on a tour bus in another state headed in the wrong direction. Script Excerpt