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Time After Time

A grieving widower travels back in time to prevent the tragic death of his beloved wife but the experiment's success spawns an equally devastating unforeseen consequence...for someone else.

Written by: Eric Christianson    

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Format: Short Screenplay
Posted: 07/04/2017
Updated: 09/01/2017
Author Bio: Eric Christianson, an accomplished screen and voice actor from Austin, TX, previously wrote FIREFLY: Reunion, a 3-pt TV mini-series, TV pilots Tranquility and Identity Crisis, features Redemption and Vengeance, and another short: The Vampire hunter Hunter. Loglines, synopses, script excerpts, etc. of all his works can be viewed at http://ericthescreenwriter.webs.com.

Contest Results: Austin Fest Film (Semifinalist) [2016]