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Two lovers face a big challenge to their relationship: the decent boyfriend has to become a con artist so his con artist girlfriend can become a decent woman. Synopsis

Written by: Russell Chan     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: 30's Attractive Woman
20s male
A 4th generation Hispanic
In the Vein Of: American Hustle
Posted: 09/24/2017
Updated: 11/07/2017
Author Bio: A film school graduate and a published writer. I’d been a film distributor for more than a decade, distributing international cinema in North America. Have made a number of short films, one of which had played in the Cineplex cinemas for months. Have written several screenplays of different genres. Incognito, a romantic comedy/thriller, has piqued the interest of a UK financier, who executive produced a recent Academy Award winner.