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Spider Daddy

An eleven-year-old boy, fixated on horror comics and monsters, finds that his recurring nightmares become reality with devastating results for his abusive, alcoholic stepfather and, ultimately, for him.

Written by: Wayne Johnson    

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Format: Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For: 9 year old boy
male, late 20's-early 30's
female, late 20's-early 30's
Posted: 01/31/2018
Updated: 02/01/2018
Author Bio:
My first writing attempt was a script for Tales From the Crypt, which Robert Zemeckis accepted and sent to Jack Rapke at CAA. Unfortunately, the show went on hiatus. About a dozen short stories and magazine articles of mine were published nationally, and I currently write a humor column for The Voice, a northeastern Illinois newspaper. I’ve just finished my first novel—The Militarized Zone: What Did You Do in thew Army, Grandpa?, which received a good review and a 9.

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Contest Results: American Gem Short (Semifinalist, 23rd place) [2013]