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Pole Position

An atypical group of women share more then the stage at Pole Position, a high-end strip club in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the corporate headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo do business with the NFL, NBA and NASCAR. Greed, virility, racial tension, politics and sex simmer under the glow of red neon, crisp bills, aged bourbon and refined manners. Enter the Sodom and Gomorrah of Dixie…

Written by: Shannonn Kelly     [Contact Author]
Format: TV Pilot
Starring Roles For: Katey Sagal
Stephen Moyer
Sandy Duarte
In the Vein Of: Ozark
Crime Story
Sons of Anarchy
Posted: 03/06/2018
Updated: 03/06/2018
Contest Results: California (First Place, California Film Awards) [2018]
Indie Gathering (Quarterfinalist) [2017]