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To be beyond his means English version

By and large, Jack was a regular-old college kid. One day, an old-man named Abraham tells him that he is the long-lost descendant of the King of Kaplan and advises him to take part in a test for his rightful place to the throne. This so-called “test” was for him to be confined to a closed room and avoid soundwave attacks from the TV and newspaper, while trying to find out why they attack. In passing this test, he was to be rewarded a home onboard a space shuttle, a lavish and luxurious lifestyle, and his hand in marriage to a beautiful girl. Overeager and completely on-board, Jack accepts the test. But little did he know that what he just accepted was a trap laid out by an international cabal full of mystery and conspiracy. PDF Excerpt

Written by: FUJIO TORIKAI     [Contact Author]
Format: Short Screenplay
Budget: Micro
In the Vein Of: Taxi Driver
Ordinary People
Posted: 06/13/2018
Updated: 06/20/2018
Author Bio: This script is based upon my current experience Main character is my thought.The location is only two places. Ultra low budget film script.

Contest Results: Near Nazareth (Semifinalist) [2018]