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A Legend From The Far East

In mythical, ancient Vietnam, the God of Land must race the God of Water to the ends of the Earth to collect three magical animals in order to present them for the hand of a beautiful princess who the King will wed to a power-hungry merchant if no one wins the challenge by her seventeenth birthday.

Written by: TG Minh Thanh     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 07/10/2018
Updated: 07/10/2018
Author Bio: TG Minh Thanh is a meditation practitioner and instructor. He has been practicing the Buddha’s teachings for over 12 years and bringing what he has achieved to his books. Up to now, he has written over twenty books, some of which are translated into English. His best-reading books are Chat with the Afterworld, Peaceful Mind Peaceful World, Cause and Condition Management… He is interested in applying Buddha’s teachings to daily practices and activities, so it can be said that most of the book content focuses on Applied Buddhism.

Currently he’s holding an online meditation class, sharing his experience in Vipassana Bhavana meditation to some practitioners who then instruct the others to practice. He hopes this class will be expanded in the future that everyone can practice inner-peace thanks to the right path of practice. A lot of students say that they have found their own loving-kindness and compassion from the inside and transferred to their families, beloved ones and all living beings. Following the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, he is aware of living deeply at the present moment and recognizing the true reality with mindful thoughts, speeches and actions.

Understanding human’s suffering that is caused by poverty, disloyalty, pain and war, he conducts a lot of philanthropy activities, including opening free classes to poor people in Ananda English programs, donating books to everyone around the world and offering free brown rice as well as clothes to the poor orphans, children and old people. He expects to open a free school where everyone can come to learn English and a mindfulness practice center where everyone can practice meditation or mindfulness.

He has 22-year experience in teaching at many schools, training centers, colleges and universities. His recent job is working as an associate lecturer at RMIT University Vietnam. He teaches some courses as Vietnamese for Professional Communication, Asian Cinemas, Issues Risks and Crisis Communications, Complementary Skills for PR Practitioners. Before that, he taught many courses as Human Resources Management, Business Communication, Risk Management, Organizational Behaviors at Kent College, Greenwich University, University of Bolton and UBIS.

He has written some movie scripts as The Passerby and A Legend from the Far East. He loves to become a successful script writer in the future not only for entertainment but also for education. He loves a happy ending that helps audiences with belief in life and optimism. He prefers introducing a new concept to his scripts and audience can feel peaceful and change their attitude for better life and true happiness.

Contest Results: Capital Fund (Honorable Mention) [2016]