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After her thorough examination of a peculiar seven year old child, noted psychologist Dr. Laura Nilsson places the child under a relatively new diagnoses of being an intelligent psychopath, but before she is able to officially recommend committing the child to an institution for the rest of its life, the child sneaks up on her and pushes her over a second story railing to the hard pavement below. After two years in a coma and five years of physical rehabilitation, Doctor Nilsson even with her impaired memory of the horrific event bravely attempts to return some normalcy to her life, but that may be for not as the child, now a teenager has returned to try and kill her again. The 2019 New York Screenplay Contest Empire Award Winner - Broken Spider

Written by: Abdul Malik    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 09/23/2019
Updated: 09/23/2019
Author Bio: The Writers: William and Abdul are both bay area, California Natives who have collaborated on multiple projects that usually focus in the horror/thriller/suspense genre, of which several we're selected as finalist in a variety of contest and