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Swimming Against the Currents

An under-appreciated genius inventor, Nikola Tesla, travels to the USA with a new invention that will transform the future of human life, only to battle impenetrable prejudice, destitution and a rockstar-like scientist and his idol, Thomas Edison, for supremacy in electrical power distribution.

Written by: JOE KISCH     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
In the Vein Of: Edison, The Man

Posted: 03/26/2008
Updated: 02/04/2012
Author Bio: Joe is an amateur screenwriter who has won awards for short screenplays and has placed highly for several of his feature films over the last six years. One feature script, Swimming Against the Currents, won second place in the Drama Genre (Category 1) of the Filmmakers International Screen Writing Competition in 2007. Other screenplays - like Barrio Chino, Devil's Machine, and Emily made the semi-finals of the Blue Cat International Screenwriting Competition 2009, the quarter-finals of Story Pros Screenwriting Competition in 2010, semi-final status in the Story Pro International Screenwriting Competition 2009, semi-finalist in Blue Cat Screenwriting Competition in 2010, top 100 in the Emerging Screenwriters Awards, quarter-finalist in the Nicholls Awards 2010 (top 15%), and quarter-finals of the 2011 Page Awards.

Joe has also written over 20 short screenplays. One, Blind Love, a script co-written with Bruce Davie, won the Canberra Autumn short::seasons script competition in 2007. The subsequently produced film was a semi-finalist in the Canberra Short Film Festival in 2007. Another short film script, Blind Faith, also co-written with Bruce Davie, won third prize in the Barebones Film Festival Short Script Competition in 2008. Progress Doors, another short script and co-written with Chris Reavell in 2008, won the Canberra Autumn short::seasons script competition.

In 2008, Joe produced, Crossing the Line, which made the semi-finals of the Canberra Film Festival in 2008 and was an official selection at the Dungog Film Festival in 2009.

He has produced, written and/or directed: Jenni’s Torment, New World, Going Down, Blind Love, Blind Faith, and Blind-sided (these last three forming the trilogy of Elevator Stories – go to to view them) in addition to Crossing the Line. Jenni’s Torment was a semi-finalist in the Canberra Short Film Festival Regional Category in 2007.

Over 2010 and continuing into 2011, Joe produced five issues of an eight issue graphic novel Drago Bentley: Space Detective. This story was based on a script written in 2006. Two motion comics of Issues 1 and 2 have also been produced and can be viewed at the links below.

As well as producing and directing films, Joe has produced and AD’d for these great films: Assistant Director on Dearth – a short film written and directed by Bruce Davie (wins Canberra Short Film Festival 2008); Producer on Red – a short film written and directed by Scott Maybury; Assistant Director on Your Own Medicine – short film written and directed by Bruce Davie; and Assistant Director on Finding Eric – a short film written and directed by Scott Maybury.

Contest Results: FilmMakers/Feature (Second Place, 2nd place in drama genre)