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Fish Fetish

What happens when you mix compulsion with alcohol? A horrific, fast paced story of abuse and revenge inspired by "Tales From The Crypt" Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Ray DeFeis     [Contact Author]
Format: Short Screenplay
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: A Jessica Alba type
Gerard Butler type
Ansel Elgort type
In the Vein Of: Extremities
Night Gallery
Tales from the Crypt episode
Posted: 05/20/2008
Updated: 11/10/2018
Author Bio: Writer, Poet, Actor and Photo Artist.

A Bronx native, Ray DeFeis began acting on the Off-Off Broadway stage in New York City after receiving Honors in Dramatics from Evander Childs H.S. in 1972. Serving in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Ray continued performing in various regional theaters until eventually settling back home in N.Y.C.

Ray approaches all his roles with commitment and dedication, bringing a fresh new life to any character he portrays. His fondest theater memories were acting beside the legendary Jackie Curtis (Andy Warhol's Underground) in the post nuclear Cult Classic "Tyrone X" and creating the role of Brian in the original New York production of Anthony Bruno's "Soul Survivor" at The Glines Theater in 1987. Ray's young family soon became his priority as he put Show Business on the back burner and began a career in the construction industry. He turned to writing to fulfill his creative desires. And, in the summer of 1993 Ray DeFeis wrote, produced and directed the play "Fight for Oil" with a limited engagement at the once renowned Village Gate in NYC. A dark comedy with music about love and loyalty during a future Gulf War .

Ray returned to film and stage in 2004 as he developed the role of Al Mazzucci in "Jungle Land". A gripping story of love and murder in the memory of Yusef Hawkins, presented at The Producers Club in NYC, and produced by Red Cloud Pictures. Ray was soon acknowledged with the award for Best Performance by an Actor at the 2006 Chicago International Film Festival for his role in the film "Blankout". A surrealistic trip through the writers block, written and directed by Perrine Gauthier.

"Fish Fetish" is the first short screenplay written by Ray DeFeis. This horrific thriller has been awarded Honorable Mention for Best Short Screenplay at the 2008 Downbeach Film Festival and Third Place at the 2010 Vegas Cine Fest. The script has since been revised and continues to receive festival recognition as a Top 10 Contest Winning Short Screenplay in three categories. Also receiving Festival nods is the pilot episode of a 1/2 hour sitcom titled "Promises,Promises". With the collaboration of friend and colleague Frank Cadillac, this script has the strength to enjoy numerous plot twists and interchangeable story lines.

Ray DeFeis has also received awards for Outstanding Achievement and The Editors Choice Award for poetry by The International Library of Poetry.

Contest Results: Las Vegas Fest (Third Place, 2010) [2010]
Queens (Finalist, 2009) [2009]
Writers Place (Finalist, 2009) [2009]
Movie Deal! (Finalist, 2008) [2008]
Gimme Credit (Semifinalist, 2008 Short Screenplay) [2008]
Vail Film Festival (Semifinalist, 2011) [2011]
Downbeach (Honorable Mention) [2008]