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Vicki's crush for Jay has her falling head over heels, dropping her in the fantasy world of Viewland, where she must defeat all types of idiotic people and their foolish views in order to return home to Jay and newfound knowledge.

Written by: Steve Weissman    

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Format: Screenplay
In the Vein Of: Alice in Wonderland
Wizard of Oz
Posted: 01/21/2011
Updated: 05/06/2019
Author Bio:
Steve has been a Buddhist Meditation Teacher since 1988. Though now living most of the year in Australia, Steve has also taught in the USA, Europe, Thailand and Singapore.

Steve's been writing screenplays since 2002. Six of his scripts have won screenplay contests, eight have made finals. Altogether he has 7 wins, 56 other finals, 31 semifinals and 33 quarterfinals. His other finalist scripts are:

"The Burden of Angels" a short comedy "Love, Mysterious" a fantasy romantic comedy "Mr.

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Contest Results:
Screenplay Search (First Place, Fantasy section Winner) [2011]
Indie Gathering (First Place, 1st in Family & 2nd in Fantasy) [2012]
Extreme Feature (Semifinalist) [2016]
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