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Twenty million years from now, with man long extinct, a species of evolved from birds now fills our niche. The Rhia tribe is defeated by their enemies and banished to a wilderness of evolved rat-predators, intelligent insects, and other life forms. To survive, the Rhia must rely on outcasts who have adapted to this deadly environment.

Written by: Linda Boroff    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: A young Jessica Biel
A young Ethan Hawke
Young Native American male
In the Vein Of: Jurassic Park
The Time Machine
Posted: 07/17/2011
Updated: 01/03/2019
Author Bio:
I graduated from Berkeley with a degree in English. My short story, "Rabid Redemption" just appeared in Lifelines, the literary journal of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

My novella, "A Season of Turbulence" was published in The Conium Review.

I was hired to write the feature film, "Murder in Fashion," which played at several festivals and theaters in 2010 and was well-reviewed in the NY Times and L.A. Times.

My short story "Home Like a Shadow" was a winner of the Eric Hoffer Prose Competition from over two thousand entries, and appeared in the anthology, Best New Writing.

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