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Te Mama

Move along, Karate Kid movies. African/Caribbean-American Mom and son learn two forms of karate, his a kick-ass sport to beat his white girlfriend’s jerk brother at a big tournament, hers a dancing kind for fitness and peace. Relationship miseries are solved after their two masters face off, then (Kara)Te Mama is stealth-attacked by the jerk brother.

Written by: Brenda Guiled    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Halle Berry
young Will Smith
Pat Morita
In the Vein Of: The Karate Kid

Posted: 03/29/2012
Updated: 09/07/2019
Author Bio:
Brenda’s latest book is Dancing in the Kara of Te (, a guide to the dance within karate that is essential to the art and the karate way of life.

She’s published fiction, non-fiction, educational guides, years of newspaper editorial-page columns, poetry, and more.

She’s written four unproduced filmscripts and a three-act aerial play. For two of the filmscripts, she was coached by an award-winning Canadian feature filmmaker.

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