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The Blunt Edge

An Australian spy tracks hijacked uranium to a Monte Carlo casino while a Swiss doctor prepares to resurrect the dead. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Joseph Baker     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Joel Edgerton
Christoph Waltz
Penelope Cruz
In the Vein Of: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
King Kong
Posted: 09/28/2012
Updated: 05/19/2018
Author Bio: Joseph Baker is an Australian writer and teacher. He lives in the United States.


An effortless read, ‘The Blunt Edge’ launches its story by bringing a smile to our faces. Within the first few pages, we are settled back in our seats and holding on as economical, yet effective narrative and dialogue hum along and take us on a highly entertaining ride. The cast of characters is terrific -- spoofy and fun. Similarly, the fight scenes make us chuckle and brings to mind Adam West’s Batman, replete with graphic representations of the sound effects! Nice! These descriptions are vivid and open the door for any director’s imagination to run wild. The writing, the basic story line, and the characters are utterly enjoyable. Thanks for an entertaining tale – well written and full of promise.


FANTASTIC script. It's like a genre mashup that takes care not to go too far into conventions. It's BOND meets FRANKENSTEIN meets BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Plays on preconceptions... Blunt's after terrorists, but Iranians in the opening aren't the target – Caruso is. Instead of concluding with romance, Blunt and Rosalia have other goals. Overall – a script unlike any I've ever read. Loved it.


The author has done a wonderful job of creating a storyline with unique style and flare. This has a sort of ‘Tim Burton meets James Bond’ vibe. The balance of action, visual detail, and dialogue in the script is generally managed well and allows the narrative to flow smoothly from page to page. The style embraced by the storyline is unlike any other existing project within the genre, and, if paired with the correct creative minds, this project could be articulated into a very memorable artistic product. Good Job!


Fun, unique, whip-smart script is a unique mash-up of cartoonish action. The writer is quite adept and the story moves quickly toward a satisfying ending. The writing is very, very strong, top to bottom. Scenes move quickly, the action lines are crisp, the story moves along at a very rapid pace. Blunt is a likeable yet flawed main character and the villains are both really delectable – they are insane and yet have a villain’s logic – particularly in Caruso’s case. I like the way the script plays with various conventions – it truly is a mash-up.


Many twists make this action adventure an exciting ride with plenty of action sequences and violence. The tension rises well as pieces of the puzzle come together through the characters and their individual circumstances. The dialogue is sharp with limited narration. Comedic elements such as when Blunt and Marco first meet add a great deal of fun to the story, while also revealing characters qualities/personalities. Great visuals create an exciting world of high-speed chases, gore, and even tenderness amidst violence and monstrosity.


Contest Results: Just Effing (First Place)
ENDAS (First Place)
TLLjournal (First Place)
Indie Gathering (Third Place)
Extreme Feature (Finalist)
Screenplay Search (Finalist)
SkyFest (Finalist)
Action On Film (Finalist)
A Film Writer Screenplay (Finalist)
Creative World (Semifinalist)
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist)
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist)
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist)
Fresh Voices Feature (Quarterfinalist)
Screencraft Action Thriller (Quarterfinalist)
FilmMakers/Feature (Semifinalist)
Reel Authors (Quarterfinalist)
Fade In (Quarterfinalist)