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Tin Gods

A future where a second civil war arises from a political battlefield, where past soldiers are forsaken and current warriors battle in the streets, where the fate of all Americans will be decided by one televised fight of two robots, who, during training, develop awareness and question the roles they were created for. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Matthew Tolbert     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
In the Vein Of: District 9
I, Robot
Real Steel
Posted: 04/06/2013
Updated: 09/14/2017
Author Bio: Writing samples available on

Short stories published in: "Puppy Pushers," non-fiction, published in Inkwell Journal, Spring 2012 "Everything Known," fantasy, published in parABnormal Digest #2 "Forever Fallen," fantasy, in Worlds Apart #1. "Soul of Invinco." science fiction, in Hadrosaur Tales #14. "Creator," fantasy, in Dreams & Visions #31.

Comic books for Marvel, Malibu, Valiant, New Visions, and Power Station. Including the graphic novel: "Read My Lips: The Unofficial Biography of George Bush."

Two syndicated comic strips: "Miss Adventures in Dating" "Everybody's Business"

Poetry: "Holy Night," in The Storyteller magazine, April 2010.

Greeting cards for Gibson and Allport, plus e-cards for a number of web sites.

Attended Cynthia Whitcomb's Screenwriting Class

Lyrics for all six songs in the movie "Sizzle Beach, U.S.A." (Kevin Costner's first film).

Contest Results: Feature (Semifinalist) [2015]
BlueCat Contest (Finalist, Title contest)
Screenplay Festival (Finalist)
Austin Fest Film (Semifinalist, 2nd round, top 10%)
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist)