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Superstar Returns

Inspired by Jesus Christ Superstar, a light-hearted spirit of Jesus returns to remind us of his original purpose, but the spirit is confronted by modern day media, governments and religions.

Written by: mark nemcek    

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Format: Screenplay
In the Vein Of: Jesus Christ Superstar
Posted: 05/13/2013
Updated: 08/03/2018
Author Bio:
As a member of the Robert Goodman Band, I recorded the tracks of 14 songs that were ultimately released on one of the band’s CD’s. The first wave of Robert’s music delved into the state of world, starting with 9/11, and continued to politics and world affairs that coincidentally matched the theme of the Super Star Return.

Robert Goodman's influence was widespread, but the Beatles flavor tends to be the most constant aroma within the story.

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