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Dream Vacay

In a synchronized dream world where death is real, an underachieving genius struggles to save his family from a dream hacker who picks them off one-by-one using their worst fears.

Written by: Edward Leech    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Elle Fanning
Paul Dano
Xavier Samuel
In the Vein Of: Inception
The Matrix
Total Recall
Posted: 11/22/2013
Updated: 08/29/2017
Author Bio:
"DREAM VACAY" was a finalist in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest and World Series of Screenwriting. Edward Leech has two other screenplays, one of which was a finalist in the REEL AUTHORS INTERNATIONAL competition. He is a psychology professor, specializing in dream theory for fifteen years. Mr. Leech, a Screenwriting-U Pro Series alumnus, has been published seven times, including his fantasy novel, The Treasure of the Oak. Barb Doyon, founder of Extreme Screenwriting gave Dream Vacation a “RECOMMEND”.

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Contest Results: World Series (Finalist)
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist)