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Teenage Bodyguard or Slipping "The Enterprise"

True crime story about a week in 1974 when a naive but savvy young man is asked by a more experienced and broken woman to protect her from the local crime family. An organization she worked for when she witnessed a murder they committed. A murder to this day labeled anonymous. Think, "A Place Beyond the Pines" not "My Bodyguard". True Crime drama Pitch: Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll meet sex, guns and mayhem.

Written by: JZ Murdock     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Ansel Elgort
Nina Dobrev
In the Vein Of: A Place Beyond the Pines
Baby Driver
Posted: 01/14/2015
Updated: 09/01/2018
Author Bio: Latest draft July 2017. Currently actively marketing AKA, Slipping The Enterprise". this story is a true crime biopic about and by myself, a published author who once protected a strip club waitress and murder witness from the local Tacoma crime family back in 1974 when I was 18.

Add into it Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll going up against sex, guns and mayhem and you have a marketable story by an author with sole rights as the lead protagonist and where all the characters are now dead, save one. The mob's hitman. This story has never been told before although it is about a highly documented and reported upon crime family in a nearly untapped location.

It is the story of a talented 18 year old with just the right skills for the situation. He spends a week protecting a strip club waitress who the local crime family believes to have witnessed a murder they committed, and that to this day is labeled an anonymous killing. No one believes was a premeditated murder. No one has ever been arrested for this crime.

Facebook page: See the Facebook page link above for historical photos of the lead, and for set designs and info/photos of the Carbone crime family.

It was interesting to note just how many connections there were from the protagonist to local crime figures in Tacoma in the 70s and 80s, without ever realizing it until researching and writing the screenplay.

It is also odd there is currently no murder report by the Sheriff's department who took the report at the time of the murder, considering the Sheriff and some deputies were also in the pocket of the crime family. As was the prosecuting attorney for Pierce county, and possibly some judges. This crime family's arrest and conviction led to a reorganization of the local government.