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A musician in 1955 Vegas disappears for 40 years and returns unchanged but in command of space and time. An ordinary man chosen for an extraordinary mission. A man out of touch but not out of time.

Written by: Peter Roach    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
Starring Roles For: Young Don Cheadle
Mark Wahlberg
Keith David
Posted: 09/09/2015
Updated: 03/04/2019
Author Bio: I write science fiction screenplays. Yes sci-fi; aliens, abductions, time travel, galaxies, universe, starships, all that wonderful stuff, but no anal probing!

Do I have a style? I use fantasy to put ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations. They must evolve to adapt, they must grow to survive. I do not write about heroes, I write about people who have to become heroes.