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Hi-tech military nanobots designed to aid wounded soldiers in combat zones malfunctions and converts them into zombie like warriors. Like locusts of Bible times they spread across the globe searching to fix imperfect mankind to be like them.

Written by: Thomas J Herring     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
In the Vein Of: 28 Days Later
Dawn of the Dead
World War Z
Posted: 09/26/2015
Updated: 03/04/2018
Author Bio: I'm an artist and writer and have had my artwork published in Airbrush magazine, Visual Art International and Low Rider Magazine. I do storyboard art for my screenplay short. My love of reading and writing was always there in my youth from comic books to novels. I learned about screenwriting from reading books and talking to writers. I'm a Willamette Writers Organization member for over five years and have networked with various producers, directors and other writers.

I am a member of the Willamette Writers Organization in Portland Oregon and have been one for over five years. Competition Highlights:

Zwarm, horror, (Semifinalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Contest, 2015 Hollywood)

The Tattoo, one page comedy (Top Twenty Finals in WildSound Competition 2009)

The Merging; sci-fi (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza competition 2006)

Pinewood; horror thriller (Round Two Slamdance 2007)

Mom's New Toy; comedy short (First place in WildSound Competition 2008; Second Place Gimme Credit Super Short Category of Cycle V 2007)

Smallville: To Eternity And Back; television (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007)

Vacation Burnout; comedy (Quarterfinalist Bluecat Competition 2007)

Smallville: Fractured Wings; television (Top Ten Finalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007)

Contest Results: Table Read (Semifinalist, 2015 Hollywood) [2015]