On Board

A "ship of fools" indeed: madcap teenagers, a lush head of security, a pastor who loves riddles, a captain off death-row, a martial artist challenging a boxer — and a serial killer.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Actor aged c.45
Actress aged 18
Actors aged 18
In the Vein Of:
Redemption films
Who-Done-It films
Love Boat TV series
Author Bio:
I started writing screenplays proper in 2007 (that is, when I purchased Final Draft, version 7) and have since written 12 screenplays.

My latest is called Howlingween 5: Trip Along. In a way it's about the past not letting go of its hold on the unfortunate Forran family. The major significance of this, my 12th screenplay, is its crafting. Unlike the 11 screenplays before, which would be posted as soon as their first drafts were completed (then repeatedly revised and re-posted), Trip Along has been so thoroughly revised that I can almost guarantee up to 96% of spelling and syntax errors and story inconsistencies have been spotted and corrected.

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