Heaven Spent

A lonely young man, Micah Cohen, considers suicide, only to be visited by an “agent for the afterlife” who mistakenly thinks he’s already gone through with it. Rejuvenated by his new lease on life, Micah's determined to set things right…but when he discovers that Death itself is hunting him down, it’s up to Micah’s guardian angel – a rookie -- to save him. A dark reverse spin on Capra’s IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

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In the Vein Of:
Heaven Can Wait
City of Angels
Defending Your Life
Author Bio:
Adam McDaniel is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and writer. He is also a complete nerd and movie geek.


He attended New York's Vassar College, winning honors at various festivals for his student film work and receiving the college's academic film & cinematography prize upon graduation. He also wrote and directed a three-hour stage play that had the misfortune of opening the same night as an on-campus Billy Joel concert.


Growing up in Connecticut and New Jersey, he was largely a self-taught artist, drawing at an early age and winning several local and regional art competitions.

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Words From Here (Second Place) [2005]