All my Revelations about freedom

The wandering being, when it comes to itself, realizes its wandering in the sky and does not know who it is. The only thing it knows is that it is free. Now, with the force it feels in itself, it goes back in time to find its character and know the reason for its release. Along the way to reach this purpose, it tries to guess who or what it was...

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As an independent filmmaker and producer, he has 20 years of experience writing and filming short and documentary films and more than 15 years of editing experience. He has recorded 4 semi-feature documentaries and 4 short and semi-feature films in his repertoire. Has edited more than 100 television and television documentaries. The short film "Room 13" has made it to the corner section of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. In 2020, he received the award for the best edit of the short film "Line".

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