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Dead Head

DEAD HEAD - Clyde drives passenger jets around airports but never takes off. But when Russian fugitives hijack his plane, Clyde must fly and fight like hell to save his passengers, crew and aircraft.

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JAMES C PETERS Experienced screenwriter, script consultant, producer and prose writer. Former screenwriting contest judge for Creative World Awards, Austin Film Festival and other competitions. For ten years wrote script coverage, rewrites, adaptations and development notes for several film producers, Austin Film Festival, SYS (L.A.), agencies and private clients in U.S., London and Canada. Covered over 2,000 screenplays. Recent work includes a rewrite of psychological fantasy DEAD HEAD, a finalist at Creative World Awards competition a few years ago; on-going apocalyptic drama mini-series of loss and love, with working title TRIBULATION; and science fiction thriller, MARS WOMAN.

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