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Med Frenzy - A Conspiracy

A single woman falls victim to an unknown parasitic skin ailment that doctors deny and send her away without help, but in her desperate search for relief, she discovers the underlying cause and a conspiracy between powerful government and industry entities —but who can she trust to investigate her claim? 9 locations

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Sarah Jessica Parker
Hugh Grant
Helen Hunt
In the Vein Of:
Dark Waters
The Insider
Erin Brockovich
Author Bio:
Pamela Green is driven, and picked up an agent and script coach on her very first screenplay. She later worked with a literary manager to hone her skills. Three of her scripts have placed in contests, two have good feedback, and between herself and her script coach, they have credits for 2 produced films, 6 optioned scripts and two outright sales. Pamela M. Green Resume


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Contest Results:
StoryPros Awards (Quarterfinalist, I Hear You) [2023]
Emerging Screenwriters (Quarterfinalist, Not About Money) [2022]
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist, Rod Knock) [2018]
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