Perfume & Smoke

In the year 1947, a hard-boiled detective searches for an elusive lust murderer, and soon finds himself ensnared in a web of crime and conspiracy with roots that reach back to his shadowy past.

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TV Pilot
Author Bio:
JEREMY CARR is a Los Angeles based writer/director whom The Hollywood Reporter described as "someone to watch."His feature length psychological thriller OTHER MADNESSES was made with support from The IFP and is being distributed by Gravitas Ventures. His award-winning short films include NUCLEAR WINTER, THE DIRTIEST RACKET IN TOWN, PORTRAITS OF A NIGHTMARE and ICE CREAM ANTS. As a Producer, Editor and Cinematographer, Jeremy has helped create original content for MEL Films, Sesame Workshop, NBC Universal, Comedy Central, The Sundance Institute, Nickelodeon, Cynthia Wade Productions and AMC.

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Contest Results:
Fade In (Second Place) [2004]
Nicholl Fellowships (Quarterfinalist) [2004]