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A repo man on the run from a Mexican drug gang sets up his twin brother to take the hit for him, only to have a change of heart and try to save his life - The Talented Mr Ripley meets The Usual Suspects in No Country for Old Men in this gritty and fast-paced suspense thriller.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Oscar Isaac
Edgar Ramirez
Sofia Vergera
In the Vein Of:
Talented Mr. Ripley
Dead Ringers
No Country for Old Men
Author Bio:
From a young age, Timothy Jay Smith developed a ceaseless wanderlust that took him around the world many times. En route, he found the characters that people his work. Polish cops and Greek fishermen, mercenaries and arms dealers, child prostitutes and wannabe terrorists, Indian Chiefs and Indian tailors: he hung with them all in an unparalleled international career that saw him smuggle banned plays from behind the Iron Curtain, maneuver through Occupied Territories, represent the U.

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Contest Results:
American Screenwriting (Third Place) [2011]
Table Read (Semifinalist) [2011]
WriteMovies (Semifinalist) [2016]
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