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The Teenage Bodyguard - TrueCrime/Biopic

True Crime/Biopic - A cocktail waitress at the ruthless 1974 Tacoma mafia family's first topless club in town, must, after she witnesses them murder her bouncer friend, rely on a teenaged “bodyguard” to protect her from those seeking her death...including the county's corrupt Sheriff.? TAG - Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll meet sex, guns & mayhem. Producer Robert Mitas attached. 8 International Film Festival wins For more:

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Filmmaker, screenwriter, author/writer. My true crime biopic is "The Teenage Bodyguard" has won 8 awards. My screenplay "Gray and Lover The Hearth Tales Incident" was a Semi-Finalist in Circus Road Films contest. Andromeda Film Festival 2023 Best Screenplay (& official Selection).. OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: All Genre Screenplay Contest 2023; Andromeda Film Festival 2023 I am also a published author in the horror/sci fi and non-fiction genres.

I have worked with Producer Chris Soth on a Frank Capra type allegory screenplay titled, "America, A Romance", and with producer Robert Mitas (who produced films with Michael Douglas) on "The Teenage Bodyguard".

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