Pride Jewel

WATCH SIZZLE REEL: father and son arrive in Los Angeles after an earthquake levels their small town in Armenia. At odds over his father's complicated relationship with his late mather. Andreh, angry and bitter quickly gets involved with a group of violent jewel thieves led by his father's boyhood rival Cyrus. In this situation, understanding is elusive until revenge brings them absolution. Awards:

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Armen resides in Northern California with his wife and son Carlo. He's been a writer and producer for the last 10 years. He has written, produced, and directed two short films (Blind Fate and The City). He recently completed his 2nd feature titled “Gabriel” an (Action/Thriller) in lines of films like “Taken”, and ”Die Hard”. Additionally, he is finishing a book titled "Three Women”. The story revolves around three women who find an unbreakable friendship and comfort in one another during a difficult time in their lives.

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