Restaurant La Vérité - the American Dream

Homeless Betrand, aged 38, and 12 years illegal refugee BOY eat leftovers out of La Vérité’s garbage bin. To get better meals, they secretly drop cooking tips in the restaurant’s letterbox. These recipes make the restaurant and its discriminating owner famous. But it is BOY who finally becomes the youngest 3 star Michelin cook ever.

We are in a busy shopping street in an American city. Shopkeepers prepare Christmas decorations.

Violin-playing homeless Betrand (with Christian roots) helps the kid Boy (with a Muslim background) to escape from the hands of three discriminating bullies. Now the black 12 years old illegal refugee from Mali becomes Betrand's protegee. Of course the two, and little dog Polly, must eat. Therefore Betrand takes bad tasting meals from the garbage bins of restaurant La Vérité. These bins are at the back of the restaurant where Betrand has his secret hiding place. To have better meals for him, Boy and Polly Betrand drops cooking tips and recipes in La Vérité’s letterbox.

As Betrand and Boy get to know each other they learn they have a painful history in common. Both lost their families in a fire. Both fled to America on a cargo boat. Both have no future.

LA VÉRITÉ GETS FAMOUS. Thanks to Betrand's recipes and positive press reviews the restaurant and his discriminating owner and cook Sitterly get famous. The mayor, who also wants to impress the nice Italian waitress Bona Ferrara who he has an eye on, decides to visit La Vérité with the French ambassador. With guests of such a stature restaurant owner Sitterly can no longer tolerate a homeless violin player and black refugee at the steps next to his restaurant. He tries to get rid of them with the help of the police and immigration officials. It looks like he will succeed, partly because Betrand is also being sought, although we do not know why.

CHOICES TO MAKE: As waitress Bona Ferrara more often stops at the violin player, also together with her little daughter Gina, Boy understands she is beginning to like Betrand despite the mayor’s advances and his guaranteed better future for her daughter. Little Boy tries to open Betrand's eyes.

CONFLICTS AT CHRISTMAS: Little dog Polly is killed in a brutal attack as attempts to chase Betrand and Boy legally fail. With Christmas on the eve its is time for a sporting revenge. Betrand puts his last cooking tips in La Vérité’s letterbox: A French menu focussed on the French ambassador. Sitterly adapts the menu suggestions. As a result, the distinguished guest gets ill. Although the food poisoning is not that serious, it is breaking news for local newspapers, televisions and on social media. The mayor also blames Bona Ferrara, reason to withdraw his proposal. It does not take long before La Vérité, translated as ‘the truth’ is finished, broke and closed.

LA NOUVELLE VÉRITÉ: Two months later Bona Ferrara is invited to attend the opening of ‘La nouvelle Vérité’. She does not recognize the new owner, who is in a cooks uniform and has his beard shaved. That changes as Betrand asks her to be his partner. Bona also learns what Betrand is sought for by a lawyer and private investigator: An honest manufacturer made one of his sauces famous and was eager to pay Betrand's part, enough to buy 'La nouvelle Vérité'.

………………………….. THE END

20 YEARS LATER A 32 years old black man is honored as he won his 3rd Michelin Star. Boy managed to change his life for the better thanks to Betrand's cooking skills. Approximately 65 years old Betrand and Bona watch the ceremony.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Wil Smith
Man 38
Child 12
In the Vein Of:
The Pursuit of Happyness
Sans Famille - Hector Mallot
Author Bio:
'Restaurant la Vérité' is Benn Flore's second screenplay was released in september 2018. Two months later won its first award in Los Angeles Edge Competition. Up to now three other festivals official selected the script that ended in the top 6 of the Queen Palm Filmfestival, as top 4 finalist in Rome's Independent Prisma Awards Festival and won silver in Jakarta's European Screen Awards.

Benn Flore is a Dutch (screen)writer. He wrote his first book and TV-scetches 42 years ago.

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Contest Results:
Atlanta (Semifinalist) [2019]
Rome Independent (Finalist) [2018]
L.A. Live Film Fest (Finalist) [2018]
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