One window is enough to see.

The screen play is about a young boy named Jake and it represents two days of his life. The name of this screenplay was inspired by a poem of Foroughrrokhzad (Iranian female poet) of the same name. One window is enough to see means that love at any level means and matters so much to some and it could have a big impact. The screen play aims to share the love of man kind to each other and show its importance and impact. It’s showing how great it is to love and let love and to be the window and gate that lets the light and hope inside, in some body’s life.

Written by:
Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Born in 1996, Mahta Hosseini is an Iranian filmmaker, video artist and Screenwriter. She is currently studying English literature at Azad University of Tehran and she is researching the connection between cinema and literature. She started writing at nine by writing comic books and wrote novels and screenplays in high school. In 2017 she and two of her friends made their first film “Avalanche” which was officially selected by Cortonero Film Festival Italy.

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