Honor to Pledge the Ending of the Solomon Brotherhood

What is there to do when a friendship pledge is the pathway toward turmoil? “Honor to Pledge” is an inspirational movie concerning four men who spent their childhood years together and did just about everything together. They even enlist in the Army together. Their lives are forever changed after making an oath to hold on to many secret that pertained to them, but could harm others.

Four men eventually come to attain that their friendship pledge is responsible for an abundance of turmoil that is present in their personal and professional lives. With horrifying flashbacks, alcoholism, guilt and depression the only thing left for one of the men to do is to share the secret with the family of his friend and also the Army officials. The moment the secrets are revealed. All who happens to be involved experience some dramatic life changes. Relationships need to be mended and forgiveness needs to enter the hearts of all. This becomes increasingly difficult considering that the secret involved the death of one of their Childhood friend’s while in the army. This was achieved by the very hands of a friend in order for secrets to remain secrets. After all, they made a pledge. The three friends honored their pledge by blaming his death on the adversary. Friendships are torn apart as a result of this horrible secret and all that remain is forgiveness. Genre: Drama Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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L.A. Film and Script (Finalist) [2011]