The Glade

Rose Ferguson just wants the family back she’s never known. Unbeknownst to Rose, an evil as old as time itself, wants to make sure that reunion never takes place. When all seems lost, the one thing she sought might be her only saving grace.

Rose Ferguson has grown up without a family. All her life that’s what she’s missed and until recently she feared that might be something she’d never have. A yearly trip to Florida with her newlywed husband and their two friends was supposed to be the getaway she needed. Little does she know that there’s a reason she grew up without a family. An evil as old as time lurks in the shadows of an old hotel on a long-forgotten stretch of highway in rural Florida. Rose does not know it, but that evil has her family’s number. Following an unfortunate series of events involving a hurricane, Rose, her husband and their friends find themselves stranded and face to face with the very entity responsible for her abbreviated family history. As Rose faces certain death, the thing she has longed for the most could be the only thing that saves her family…and quite possibly, the world as we know it.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Kate Beckinsale
Adam Driver
Hugo Weaving
Author Bio:
Dallas Gibson was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1982, but moved to the Texas Panhandle at a young age. He was raised in the tiny Texas town of Darrouzett, a stone's throw from Oklahoma. After graduating high school in Follett, Texas he remained in the Panhandle region until 2011 when he moved to the DFW area, where he resided until 2019. In the summer of 2019, along with his wife, and fellow screenwriter Crow and their two children, Dallas moved to the Tampa Florida area.

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Contest Results:
Mindfield Film Festival (First Place) [2019]
Southeastern (Second Place) [2020]
Oaxaca FilmFest (Finalist) [2019]
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