An unconventional crime-comedy following a young career woman who falls in with two bank-robbing vampires after they take her hostage as they head cross-country with an agenda and an ambitious NYPD detective on their trail.

Style. Attitude. Fangs. Just a few things that will soon separate Alissa Foster from the average person. A no-nonsense straight-shooter, the twenty-four-year-old is simply surviving in the rat race of climbing the economic ladder to prosperity as a simple bank teller. Over-worked and over-tired in the City That Never Sleeps, she hopes to score the big promotion at her branch but her everyday lack of luck finds herself getting the shaft once again in favor of an arrogantly undeserving co-worker. Enter Blake and Farrah—a tough but off-beat bank-robbing duo who are en route cross-country carrying mischievous minds for mayhem and comical appetites for chaos with some oddly-curved sharp teeth. The gun-toting pair have just strolled into Alissa’s bank with the intent to make a little more than a standard withdrawal. They’re searching for a supposed ancient vampire amulet that holds great powers, or if nothing else, a big payday from the right collectible buyer. Alissa’s neck holds both the key for the safety deposit boxes and the key for a pair of fangs to plunge into and radically change her life during that fateful run-in, for Blake sees someone of changeable stock who is in desperate need of more value than her mundane motivations are currently worth. After Blake obtains his object of desire and has a little “afternoon snack” with Farrah of the unfortunate patrons in the bank, Alissa wakes up later riding in the backseat of their newly stolen car with a new lease on her life—which Blake chose to spare by biting her and turning her into a vampire. Despite Farrah’s jealous disapproval of Blake’s new “project”, the sarcastically gruesome twosome take Alissa under their wings and under their fangs, enlisting her newfound enthusiasm into the ranks and showing her the ropes of being a blood sucking hipster as they uncontrollably tear through the country, paying visits to every cash register in sight with often oddly-hilarious results as the one time straight-shooting Alissa nurtures into an unstable quirky crime machine. Meanwhile, not far on their trail of blood and bills, an overly tenacious NYPD detective, Sabrina Malone, has been way out of her league, way out of her jurisdiction and way over her head as she looks to apprehend the truth behind the unexplainable case she’s been investigating since the series of malicious bank robberies back in New York City. Eventually, Blake, Farrah and Alissa’s fun subsides when they land in New Mexico to meet up with Krister Kanely, an old vampire friend who has a big buyer lined up for the amulet. But when the amulet’s true power is revealed, interests and motivations shift in a final showdown with Detective Malone that will flip all expectations in this multiple award-winning unconventionally sharp and uniquely cool bite to the vampire and crime genres with a flare for standout characters, crisp dialogue and unparalleled action.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Pulp Fiction
Bonnie and Clyde
Author Bio:
Award-winning American screenwriter of widely-diverse genre titles with personal strengths relying on sharp, snappy dialogue and fantastic vision of detail to create engaging, believable, original and memorable stories. Graduate of the New York Film Academy and Brooklyn College for screenwriting.