Life is short, Hell is forever

Tag: Life is Short but Hell is Forever GRIMOIRE is an occult based horror film about a young man named Brad returning to his childhood home to resolve his tragic past, only to discover that it is has been waiting for him. The Demon RAHAB and his deranged familiar of a slave have been summoned to the small fishing village of STEER'S Cove, on the Yorkshire coast by Brad’s father, an act which rippled insanity and death through the small family and community. Sent away to America by his mother after his fathers suicide Brad seems to have averted his family’s dark fate. It is only when Brad returns to his childhood home after his mothers death in a mental home that he truly realises that the past does not forget. GRIMOIRE takes it influence from genuine occult practices, medieval magic, and apocrypha as well as horror writers such as H.P Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, James Herbert and Brian Lumley along with directors such as Guillermo Del Toro, Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg and David Lynch. Writer - Mike McCarthy copyright 2020

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North Yorkshire, England, award winning writer/director.

Contest Results:
AAA (First Place, Award winner Florence Film ) [2019]
Independent Horror Movie (Finalist) [2019]
Zed Fest Feature (Semifinalist) [2019]