After escaping the clutches of a killer, a traumatized survivor desperately tries to hang onto her sanity while helping police in the last twelve hours before the next promised victim.

As usual, Ashley Sawyer, thirties, wakes up with no memory of the night before. This time, she wakes up next to her overzealous psychologist.

Krystal, about to turn twenty-one, used to be madly in love with her middle-aged boyfriend -- Kellerman, an ex-cop whose previous fondness for cocaine forced him to “retire early.”

That night, an intruder breaks into the high-rise apartment where Ashley Sawyer is staying. Despite being shot at and almost stabbed, Ashley manages to escape with her life.

Kellerman’s recent P.I. work keeps him out at all hours, and more and more Krystal’s thoughts have strayed to Alejandro, the mysterious foreigner across the hall.

The next time Ashley Sawyer wakes up, homicide detectives greet her.

Every month, the “Thirty Day Killer” claims a new victim – a twenty-one year-old female – and the next victim is due in less than a day. Desperate, the detectives are following up on an anonymous tip about Ashley. “She’s the key to stopping the murders,” the electronically disguised voice said. “She just has to remember.”

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B. S. Carter began his writing career in second grade writing one-page (wide rule) sequels to movies like The Terminator, Ghostbusters, and City Heat (it’s a Clint Eastwood-Burt Reynolds buddy picture).

B. S. attended the University of South Carolina (the other USC) and graduated with a properly unemployable Liberal Arts degree in Media Arts. While in college, B. S. won the Havilah Babcock Short Story Prize for his short story “Guts,” in which a high schooler tries to stop his best friend from committing suicide.

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