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An Australian woman rescues elephants from Africa and discovers a living herd of ancient Mammoths

Firstly. It is the story of an incredible African adventure: The discovery of ancient mammoths from a forgotten era: Secondly, it is the story of Liana: a mother's love for her adopted son, complete with all the hand-in-hair and group-hug moments you'd except: Thirdly, it is the coming-of-age-story of a young man, Frank: of his incredible skills with wild animals which opens up a world of possibilities in front of him and sets him up to become the savior who leads the mammoths to their ultimate revenge.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Liana character - Sandra Bullock
Pete character - Ryan Reynolds
Frank Character - Caleb Mclaughlin
In the Vein Of:
The Meg
Jurassic Park
Author Bio:
I've been known to be a hard worker and amazing woman who does whatever i can to help others. I lost all i had on a bad business deal but i picked myself up and wrote some novels. I also went to uni and did my diploma to become a children educator and my teachers were full of praises.Now at 63 I've been a foster carer for 4 sibblings for 14 months, who need heaps of love and time, so i resigned from work and focus on the 4 children and my stories which i hope and pray will make some money to help with my big family.

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12 Months (First Place) [2021]
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