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To Lie Beneath

An insidious succubus and her incubus partner, prey on the lives of Marcus, a recently divorced business man and his ex-wife Zora, a dormant witch, in metropolitan Atlanta.

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Author Bio:
Aaron Braxton is an award winning, multifaceted, renaisannce artist whose HS music teacher once told him, "You spread yourself too thin." Blessed with a multitude of artistic talents, he writes compelling stories that speak to the complicated and universal lives of African American families through several genres...and he credits his music teacher for being absolutely, unequivocally...wrong!

Also, a talented author, playwright, and actor, he wrote the 2019 Emma Children’s Book Award nominated, Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings and the 2020 Max Lerner Award winning play, BROKEN.

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Contest Results:
Indie Horror (First Place) [2021]
Independent Horror Movie (Third Place) [2021]
Underground Indie (Finalist) [2021]
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