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Are you in or out? The year is 1919. Your name is Frank Bacon, and you’re the author and lead actor of the most successful play in Broadway history. Your fellow actors are about to go on strike in support of their union, the Actors Equity Association. You’ve spent your life fighting for the rights your friends are hitting the bricks to protect. If you go out on strike with them, you risk losing everything you’ve achieved. Your wife doesn’t want you to go out. The managers will fire you and take away the rights to your play if you don’t cross the line. What about it, Frank — which side are you on? Are you in or out?

Script Excerpt Interview
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
James Garner
Carol Burnett
Drew Barrymore
In the Vein Of:
Norma Rae

Author Bio:
I attended New York University's Institute of Film and Television in the 1970s, where I studied under Haig Manoogian, who mentored Martin Scorsese and produced his first feature.

My parents were animators who met on the picket line at Disney Studios in 1941, and I spent almost thirty-five years in the labor movement as an officer of the Animation Guild Local 839 IATSE. About fifteen years ago I started taking classes with Joe Bratcher and the late Judy Farrell at the Twin Bridges Screenwriting Salon.

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Worldfest - Houston (Finalist, Silver Remi) [2008]
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