The Cartaphilus Movement

A group looking for immortality have found Cartaphilus. But was the discovery planned by the immortal himself?

Written by:
Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Michael Gibrall is an Emmy Award Winner for his work on the 1997 NFL Draft, and was nominated in 1998. He also won a Capital Emmy for a newscast he directed in 2011, and in 2013 won a Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston for his romantic dramedy feature film "Available," which screened at the festival .

Michael has multiple best feature screenplay festival awards to his credit, including a win for Best Action/Adventure Feature Screenplay at the 2017 Nashville Film Festival (Academy Qualifier.

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Contest Results:
Indie Gathering (Second Place, 2013 Suspense Thriller) [2013]
Richmond Fest (Finalist, 2014) [2014]
Action On Film (Finalist, 2013) [2013]
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