Tin Gods

Set in the near future, two robots, the Monitor and the Merrimack, train for an arena battle to decide who will control the United States during the second civil war, only to develop awareness and question why they must fight at all as they clash in the largest attended, biggest pay-per-view event in history.

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Matthew is a script writing, comic book published, comic strip syndicated, greeting card produced, short story, and poetry printed writer with facial hair. THE STARTER MARRIAGE is a rom com feature-film based on Matt’s screenplay. The movie is available on a number of streaming platforms including Apple TV, Prime, and On-Demand. Web page is www.thestartermarriagemovie.com for more information. He is currently writing the sequel. Matt has also written six other feature-length screenplays that vary in theme: historic biopic (ERIKSSON), rom com (HALO & HORNS), comedy (MAN(NY) VERSUS MACHINE), drama (A FADING FINISH LINE), dramedy (THE DREAMERS SUPPORT GROUP), and sci fi (TIN GODS).

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Contest Results:
BlueCat Contest (Finalist, Title contest) [2011]
trackingb.com Feature (Semifinalist) [2015]
Austin Fest Film (Semifinalist, 2nd round, top 10%) [2010]
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