The Experiment

During the Civil Rights era, a white supremacist colludes with a judge to entrap African Americans for his lobotomies. When a Black track star is sent to his asylum after she retaliates against the racist girls at school, her brilliant best friend teams up with an edgy journalist to free her and expose the conspiracy.

Author Bio:
A Toronto-born photographer and multi-award-winning co-author of the screenplays, "GRACE" (retitled Brave Hearts") and "The Experiment", Jeffrey Allen Russel earned his living as a real estate broker before embarking on a writing career. As a writer, he has found a passion he never experienced in the world of business and has discovered a new voice to compliment the beautiful imagery already found in his photography.

Lynda Lemberg is a retired educator who has been immersed in art-house, international and Indie cinema as well as world literature and theatre since adolescence.

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Contest Results:
American Movie Awards (First Place, Grand Prize for a Feature) [2017]
Nevada Fest (First Place) [2016]
Beverly Hills Screenplay (Second Place, Drama Category) [2017]
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