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Eddie The King

In this award-winning adaptation of Oedipus The King (public domain), a professional killer, plagued by waking nightmares and unable to kill himself, seeks the solace of a transgender prostitute who unknown to him is his younger brother who wants him dead.


The Brothers Boudinot

Distressed by PTSD nightmares from the war in Afghanistan, an American soldier searches for Confederate gold buried by his Cherokee ancestor General Stand Watie.



At Chilocco, an actual government boarding school in the 1930’s where runaways are hunted for bounty, a Cherokee girl, bullied by a gang of Ponca Indian girls and abused by a white female supervisor, discovers that she has a worse problem. A white teacher who is a sexual predator is stalking her. She must find a way to weaponize in a world that holds her captive and considers her expendable.


The Hole in the River

A gritty, feel-good dramedy, reminiscent of Stand By Me, is set in small town America in the 1970’s, where four boys befriend a Muslim man who is falsely arrested by an evil sheriff. These boys (Native American, African American, Korean American, and American trailer trash), who are themselves bullied and marginalized, must make a stand against a white and entitled America that was never great and should never be returned to.