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Valley of the Gods

A self-centred Himalayan prince from the highest caste in the world chooses a mate in an attempt to cure the genetic interbreeding defects of his remote kingdom. The virgin, hailing from London, happily believes in her fairytale romance…that is…until she sets foot in the Valley of the Gods…and finds that her lover is not Prince Charming after all. Stuck in the rustic mountains, feeling no better than a lab rat, she struggles to come to terms with a clash of cultures, drugs and lifestyles. In a sinister twist, her newborn child is chosen to be the sacrificial lamb for the local God of War and she is forced to escape her living hell, venturing into the forbidding wilderness of Zanskar, facing ferocious bears, avalanches plus of course her prince and his cronies in hot pursuit.

Written by: Mei Joan Guyll and Elizabeth Spear    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 02/03/2017
Updated: 02/03/2017