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Taylor's Kisses

An unemployed seamstress is referred by a friend for a mysterious job not exactly in her line of work.

Written by: Karen Willoughby    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 07/04/2017
Updated: 07/08/2018
Author Bio:
Review of the script from NYC Midnight: REVIEW - {1672} Nice use of flashback throughout. Interesting twist at the end and reveal of what "Taylor's Kisses" are. {1743} Reminiscent of a poem by Lorine Niedecker, entitled "Sewing a Dress," in which she concludes a description of the work that goes into dressmaking with, "in a favorable wind," Taylor's response to Anna's suggestion that she might be missing "the glam" is, "clients feel more beautiful as they glide through the world.

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Contest Results: NYC Midnight (Honorable Mention) [2017]