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Taylor's Kisses

An unemployed seamstress is referred by a friend for a mysterious job not exactly in her line of work.

Written by: Karen Willoughby     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 07/04/2017
Updated: 07/08/2018
Author Bio: Review of the script from NYC Midnight: REVIEW - {1672} Nice use of flashback throughout. Interesting twist at the end and reveal of what "Taylor's Kisses" are. {1743} Reminiscent of a poem by Lorine Niedecker, entitled "Sewing a Dress," in which she concludes a description of the work that goes into dressmaking with, "in a favorable wind," Taylor's response to Anna's suggestion that she might be missing "the glam" is, "clients feel more beautiful as they glide through the world." Nice touch. The storyline is both Hitchcockian and pages out of one of the scripts of Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone." It is an inventive and imaginative piece of creative writing. {1640} I have to admit I was wondering what Taylor had gotten into. Your dialog is good, it sounds realistic and true to each character. I enjoyed the relationship you established between Taylor and Anna, and using the conversation to give us both history and move the plot forward, was smart writing.

Contest Results: NYC Midnight (Honorable Mention) [2017]