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American Ballad

Based on actual events, the Mexico City high school student Ophylia initializes and then updates an anti-Narco blog to expose the drug cartels with a far reaching affect across North America. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Chris Candelario     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Selena Gomez type
Jasmine Vellegas type
A young Benicio Del Toro
In the Vein Of: Sicario
inspired by true events
Posted: 03/08/2018
Updated: 07/10/2018
Author Bio: Surviving Army MP patrols than combat news photography, Chris Candelario amassed a log of over a 100 stories. With 20+ completed screenplays and TV pilots, he enjoys writing a variety of genres and bringing them to life including these finished scripts:

1. Adobe Rose – female bounty hunts down the worst of the worst (drama/action); 2. American Ballad – teenager Ophylia posts a Narco blog against the cartels (drama); 3. Ark*Star – humans survive the next Big Bang (sci-fi/adventure/thriller); 4. Blitz – Blitz & D’adario fall in love with German shepherd dogs, chess, classical guitar, and photography (romantic comedy – a short);

5. Candle – U.S.A. MP call of duty and war videographer’s bio-script (drama); 6. Christina – to find love. she time-leaps from ancient Greece (drama/action/adventure); 7. Eagle Clan – 6-part TV series – the stone pueblo girl Hishi transports to a space city (drama/action/adventure);

8. Enemy Ancestor – Det. Turquoise discovers a petroglyph exacting revenge (horror); 9. K-9 Warrior – Lt. Charleen take her dog into the Golden Crescent Triangle (war); 10. Prison Riot – true story of the worst prison riot in modern US history (drama); 11. The Oogs – with a saber tooth kitty and a dire wolf, a Neanderthal family transports to suburbia USA (1/2 hr. comedy);

12. Weapons of Choice – Barrio becomes a drug lord while his brother, Valie strives to save his family: Testosterone Driven Stupidity – 12 episodes written (action/drama);

13. Stars in Her Eyes –Katerina must save her students from banditos (western); 14. Halfbreed Pecos – “I said I was the fastest gun in the West, not the deadliest.” (western);

15. The Wong Baby – an American businessman saves a Chinese baby (family drama); 16. RVing (TV reality concept).

Candelario plays master level chess tournaments [USCF rating 2206], concertizes classical/flamenco guitar, and displays his still photography throughout the Southwest.