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Harpo's Bike (Can't Find My Way Home)

A young ad artist takes a trip to New Orleans on a Harley inherited from his estranged Marine father to prove to his family that the man was having an affair. Instead, he finds a veteran homeless mute - his father's best friend - who thinks he's Harpo Marx.

Written by: Diane Johnson     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
Starring Roles For: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Teller (of Penn and Teller)
Danny Glover
In the Vein Of: Big Fish
Reign Over Me
The Fisher King
Posted: 10/29/2003
Updated: 07/05/2017
Author Bio: Diane studied Film and Video Art/Theory at SUNY Binghamton in New York. She has been a long standing member of The Scriptwriters Network and has been a script reader for several writing competitions and film festivals. Other scripts that have gained her competition recognition include: **AUTUMN BLOOD, PERFECT PROPHET, THE SCHOHARIE, A GOOD SOUL, SPIKE, TURF WAR, PWNED, BLINDSIDED,THE BODY AND BLOOD, ROADSIDE PICNIC, SUPERNATURAL-INTERVENTION, SUPERNATURAL-I GOT YOU BABE and THE CHAIN-FRANCISCO PIZARRO**.

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Contest Results: Split-Screenplay (Finalist, Top 25 Finalist) [2006]
Big Bear (Semifinalist, Top 10) [2006]
Scriptwriters Network (Semifinalist, '97 Staged Reading Competition) [1997]