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Shadow Trade

TIME WAITS FOR ONE MAN. - When a computer technician uncovers a secret operation to fund the Military Industrial Complex by manipulating the world's financial system, he must convince the C.I.A assassin on his tail to help bring the men responsible to justice.

Written by: MIKE DONALD     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Alan Rickman
Brad Pitt
Danny Glover
In the Vein Of: Enemy of the State
The Sting
Bourne Ultimatum
Posted: 10/16/2009
Updated: 09/01/2017

This is a great action/thriller premise that really delivers on its conceit. The story is jam-packed with action but also has a great topical aspect to it (because of the financial system aspect) that feels very current and relevant.

"This script is a great high concept genre piece with an instant built-in core audience as well as a strong hook that is easy to articulate. Fans of the Bond movies, the Bourne trilogy, or any serious action/thriller will have no trouble latching onto this story and finding something to like about the concept.

The characters all feel very well rendered overall and could be great roles for the right talent. Brickman especially could be an outstanding role for the right supporting actor and of course there's loads of fun to be had in watching two potentially A-list leading men play off of each other as Elliot and De Silva.

This story should be right up the alley of any fan of action films, spy movies and similar thrillers. There are some very strong characters that could be standout roles for the right talent. The story also feels very topical and manages to strike a balance between all out action and more cerebral fare that feels just right and makes the story feel fresh and original overall. With its strong hook and set piece moments, it is easy to imagine this story finding an audience if not as a theatrical release then certainly as a TV/Cable or DVD project.


I've been in the film business way too long, both in front and behind the camera, war zones and posh homes, glossy ads and skanky locations, so what I write I know you can film, I'm probably up in amongst the top 10% of the greatest living screenwriters you haven't heard of...yet!

Let's not forget Diablo Cody and a fresh faced Shane Black when he socked us between the eyes with the Lethal Weapon franchise...

Okay, I admit I'm living on that overpopulated Planet called "Nearly" which is pretty crowded I can tell you, but I have a million ideas and a shed load of scripts and it's only a matter of time until you wonder where the hell I came from so fast...which is probably what you're thinking about Jon Spaihts who's writing the Alien prequel and loads more and hasn't had a thing done...but then you read Shadow 19 and you think...can I ever be that good!

And the answer my friend is -- you have to be, and then then some! So to sum up I'm a writer for hire and one day soon I'll be a hired writer, until then, as someone once said...a professional writer is just an amateur who never gave up!

Contest Results: IndieProducer iP (First Place)
PAGE International (Finalist)
StoryPros Awards (Semifinalist)
Just Effing (Semifinalist)
Movie Script/Feature (Semifinalist)
Fade In (Quarterfinalist)