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Alice Bloom is just starting her normal work day until her hot flashes kick in and she is forced to disrobe on the D.C. Metro! Then, when exiting the car, she gets stuck in the doors! At work things don't go much better for her. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Justine Cowan     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Frances McDormand
Adrien Brody
Emilio Estevez
In the Vein Of: 40 Year Old Virgin
Gilmore Girls
Cinderella Liberty
Posted: 01/22/2010
Updated: 07/12/2018
Author Bio: The Writer Name: Justine Cowan Email: Resumé Justine Allen Cowan

Justine Cowan has been a writer, in various capacities, for 25 years. Her first screnplay "A Grunt's Tale" was awarded Honorable Mention in the 77th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition(out of 17,000 entries). "A Grunt's Tale" was also recognized as a top winner in the SkyFest I 2008 Script Competition.

Justine's other completed screenplays include "The Octopus Charmer"(which was also recognized as a top winner in the SkyFest I 2008 Script Competition, "Flashdrive", and "Janie Loves Bollywood". She is currently working on a drama about baseball.