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Logline: A suspended Navy SEAL battles Russian Special Forces on a secret mission to sabotage Alaska's gas pipeline. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Synopsis: On the verge of losing his family because of prolonged overseas duty, a Navy SEAL about to make captain is suspended for disobeying orders to kill terrorists disguised as fishermen caught sabotaging a Caspian Sea gas pipeline. When the disgraced SEAL returns home to Alaska to resume a commercial fishing business during his suspension, he again encounters terrorists posing as fishermen, but discovers they are Russian Spetsnaz forces on a covert mission to destroy a major gas pipeline. After he warns his family and government officials, they accuse him of having PTSD, and the suspended SEAL learns that to win back his family and save innocent lives, he must sacrifice his Navy career and disobey orders again by engaging the enemy in a tactical fight to the death on Alaskas frigid waters.

Written by: John Conner     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 05/20/2010
Updated: 03/01/2018
Author Bio: Screenwriting adjunct professor and freelance writer.


Contest Results: Red Inkworks (Third Place) [2010]
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist) [2010]